Investment Structures

The Funddesigner

Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF)

The Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF) establishes a new fund structure instrument in Luxembourg, which is directly overseen by an external manager. No product-related authorizations by CSSF are necessary. Instead, RAIFs benefit fully from all of the advantages that AIFMD provide. These advantages include a better “time to market” as well as increased operative efficiency.

  • Indirect oversight by authorities in Luxembourg via AIFM
  • Funds only open to qualified investors
  • Mandatory risk diversification
  • Possibility to establish as SICAR for risk capital without risk diversification
  • Opportunity for umbrella structure with sub-funds
  • In the context of AIFMD qualified as AIF
  • Legal entity: FCP, SICAV/SICAF, SA, SCS, SCSP, SCA, SARL