New perspectives

for investment funds

The Funddesigner

Optimising investment strategies

Investment funds can be efficient instruments to execute investment strategies. On the one hand, investment funds can reflect and flexibly adjust a diverse set of market segments via core-satellite strategies. On the other hand, investment funds can provide an internationally established framework for complex investment strategies.

Despite having been used for several decades, the potential for the optimisation of investment funds is by far not depleted. Unfortunately, fixed costs and hidden fees as well as intransparent transaction costs are not uncommonly associated with fund administration. These costs can significantly reduce the earnings for both investors and fund initiators.

A solid investment strategy is not enough when successfully/sustainably establishing a investment fund. Administration costs and quality of fund information are, next to fund performance, deciding factors for investors when choosing between over 35,000 securities-based funds.

There are diverse ways of realizing investment structures, some of which may require to leave beaten paths. Leaving these often inefficient paths of fund realization can open up a vast range of opportunities to improve and successfully launch fund concepts.

Experience shows that only slight changes in existing fund structures are often needed to yield considerable results for investor and initiator. The selection of powerful and independent partners is of vital importance for the realisation of investment ideas.